Why a Diamond?

I’m the guy after every Super Bowl of NBA Finals that says “Oh yeah! That was my team!”

I can be your typical band wagon fan when it comes to teams. However, I’m passionate about recognizing when the ordinary individual becomes extraordinary. This goes unnoticed by the media all the time. Look at David and Moses. Just because his Dad sent him to run an errand, David’s obedience allowed him to show up in time to kill Goliath. He went on to become the greatest king Israel would ever know. Moses, who delivered Israel form Egyptian slavery was tending sheep for his father-in-law when the burning bush called his name. I believe we all have talents, gifts and abilities that can alter the path of those we are called to invest in.

SpeakLife’s logo is a reminder to love others until they shine like a diamond. Diamonds don’t come out shining and neither do we, it takes the investment of others to encourage us to shine as bright as a diamond. Parents, coaches and players; it’s time to break the ordinary patterns of this world and become extraordinary, influential leaders in this community, this state, this country and around the world. None of us can SpeakLife alone, we must unite together to intentionally INSPIRE SIGNIFICANCE.